Things to do in the city of Puerto Natales part 2

The Valley of the Moon is the invitation is that you enter the wonders of postcards of San Pedro de Atacama.

The Valley of the Moon in San Pedro de Atacama is an oasis that is located in the driest desert in the world, when you arrive you will be able to notice the great gastronomic offer and tours that are located in the main artery of the Commune, the street “Snails”.

You will also notice the great backdrop that is appreciated as soon as you start the Calama-San Pedro de Atacama route, the Lincancabur Volcano, the moment you start the road until you reach San Pedro you can get the beauty of the desert …



One of the most romantic tours and quoted by thousands of tourists is the Valley of the Moon, it is a mid-afternoon tour where you will tour the following attractions on the same tours:

Coyote Stone: An infallible postcard, it is a viewpoint that overlooks the Moon Valley, its main characteristic is to have a hanging rock so you can take very good photos. Surprise yourself with the magical desert and Raitrips Chile.


Death Valley:

One of the most characteristic destinations of the Valley of the Moon is a mountainous and sandy valley that is very close to San Pedro and that has its appeal because to reach the Cordillera de la Sal, which presents admirable natural sculptures.


Valley of the Moon.

In its passage through the driest desert in the world, you cannot miss the geological spectacle of the Moon Valley. A few kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama, among the hills of sharp rocks and unusual forms of the Cordillera de la Sal, is the Moon Valley, a true geological spectacle that is part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve.

During the tour, you will enjoy the extravagant forms of the landscape, which will lead you to feel like walking on the lunar surface. As the afternoon passes, you will enjoy unbeatable views of the Andes Mountains and its volcanoes.

With the arrival of the sunset, the golden and red tones will appear in the desert, really overwhelming panorama. Simply an unforgettable excursion for all visitors.

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The most luxurious hotel in Chile.

According to many, the best and most luxurious hotel in the country is on the outskirts of Puerto Natales, if you have ready for your next trip to Patagonia. specifically in Puerto Bories, on the banks of the Señoret Canal. 

Its name is The Singular Patagonia and it is built on an old Bories refrigerator declared a National Monument, in construction that combines heritage with touches of modernity.

Best of all, if there is no chance of staying there, you can tour a museum that recalls the past of that symbolic place in  Puerto Natales, book in its extraordinary restaurant or take a walk around its magnificent bar. It is located in front of Seno de Ultima Esperanza and Puerto Natales.