Things to do in the city of Puerto Natales part 2

The best coffee in Puerto Natales

Going through Holaste, a small coffee bar in the center of  Puerto Natales has become a custom for locals and tourists, because the preparations there are world-class,  as confirmed by foreigners who try them.

In this place, they only occupy premium grains. There are always four varieties to filter by hand from countries such as Burundi, Rwanda and Peru and two others for the espresso machine.

Another very entertaining thing about this corner is that every time they prepare a cup, the owners explain to their customers the whole process,

from the origin of the grains to how the filtering machines are used.

Our Staff will show you the best option.

La Aldea Restaurant

A small restaurant, simple in appearance and with a homely touch that gives it its decoration. His letter is on a large blackboard that has hung on the wall where his dishes stand out as a trio of lamb, seafood curry or rabbit with mushroom sauce. It was La Aldea who took first place in the competition with a modern-looking dish created by chef Patricio Lehuedé.

The chef presented a trio in crab sauce with milcao that brought white and purple potato from Chiloé, Morchela, crab, oysters and cochayuyo chicharrón. In addition, they have a good wine list. Barros Arana 132, Puerto Natales. 61 414027.

The most luxurious hotel in Chile.

According to many, the best and most luxurious hotel in the country is on the outskirts of Puerto Natales, if you have ready for your next trip to Patagonia. specifically in Puerto Bories, on the banks of the Señoret Canal. 

Its name is The Singular Patagonia and it is built on an old Bories refrigerator declared a National Monument, in construction that combines heritage with touches of modernity.

Best of all, if there is no chance of staying there, you can tour a museum that recalls the past of that symbolic place in  Puerto Natales, book in its extraordinary restaurant or take a walk around its magnificent bar. It is located in front of Seno de Ultima Esperanza and Puerto Natales.