Outdoors Programs

The wide variety of climates and places make Chile a unique destination for outdoor sports, the wonder of its Long Andes Mountain Range and the diversity of places.

In the North of Chile we find the great peaks of the Chilean Altiplano and Desert where the Ojos del Salado Volcano stands out (The highest volcano in the world 6,891 Mts). Trekking and horseback riding through San Pedro de Atacama are a must.

In the Central zone of Chile we find the El Morado Glacier very close to Santiago, a beautiful hanging Glacier with a particular shape. The Altos del Lircay National Reserve will captivate us with its beautiful trails located in the Pre-Cordillera de los Andes has a rich flora and fauna, composed of vegetation of hualos, raulíes, laurels, cypress of the mountain range and huillipataguas and an animal population which incorporates species such as tricahues parrots, black carpenters, eagles, thrush, quail, turtledoves and condors.

In the South of Chile we find the large number of Volcanoes where the Villarrica Volcano stands out (Active Volcano to which we can ascend to its crater) The Osorno Volcano just in front of the Llanquihue Lake and in front of the city of Puerto Varas, climbing its glacier is an experience Only.

Patagonía surprises us with its unique trekking circuits in the World, Visiting Torres del Paine currently chosen as the Eighth Wonder of the World is a pleasure for hiking enthusiasts.

Enjoy the different horseback riding with native baqueanos of the Patagonía pampas, a unique experience.