Magical Easter Island in 4-Day Trip - 3 Nights



A tour to Easter Island.

We offer you the best from Easter island on a trip of 4 days in which you will see the most important highlights and the giants Moais that surround the island. enjoy with Rapa Nui culture and Really amazing landscapes like Volcanoes and beautiful beaches on this Island.

Day 1 – Easter Island –  Tour Ahu Akivi.

Reception at the airport and transfer lei regularly shared with more people at the Hotel.

In the afternoon begin the tour around 15:00 hrs. from the town of Hanga Roa visiting Ahu Vinapu that was used by the islanders in 1200 AD which includes 3 Ahu. The first has 6 found moai toppled and painted red, the second has a purportedly female moai that had two heads and the third, the oldest, there are only stones removed.

We continue our way to the quarry Puna Pau, archaeological site east of Hanga Roa in a small crater of red scoria, there were obtained the Pukao or touched with MAOI that were crowned. Throughout his old mark out, there are still some unfinished and abandoned.

We continue our tour to Ahu Akivi, which was the first scientifically restored Ahu Island in 1960.

The platform with 7 moai is known for being one of the few located in the center of the island and its statues facing the rising sun. By all accounts, these seven moai represent the seven young explorers sent before the arrival of Hotu Matua’a to recognize the island.

Our adventure takes us to the cave of Te Pahu, a place that was used as housing and in times of conflict as a temporary shelter. This began the return to Hanga Roa,


  • Regular Transfer Airport – Easter Island(Hanga Roa).
  • Half-day regular tours on Easter Island.
  • Bilingual guide.
  • Free meals.
  • Not Include: Ticket entry to Easter Island USD 85

Day 2 – Full Day Easter Island.

Leaving from the town of Hanga Roa around 9:30 pm. we head towards the south-east coast and north-east of the Island to visit the temple Vaihu Ahu, which is located 10 km from Hanga Roa and consists of a well-worked stone platform where we find Moais 8 and 8 pukao scattered nearby. Ahu Akahanga then pass by, also called “king platform.” Legend has it that the tomb of Hotu Matua’a would be near that place.

Here you will find 4 platforms, 12 Moai, 8 Pukao and into the Ahu you can see one of the best-preserved villages of the island.

Then continue the journey to Ahu Tongariki, which with its 15 moai Ahu is the largest island. Following the path, we find Ahu Te Pito Kura, which has the tallest statue of the island in an Ahu erect the moai Paro (10 mts. In height and 85 tons with a Pukao of 11.5 tons) and with this temple is a large ceremonial stone ball that is identified as the navel of the world (Te Pito o Te Henua), which according to legend, was brought to the island by Hotu Matua’a on your boat.

Continuing our journey we arrived at Ahu Nau Nau, building temple complex due to their different levels where you will find 5 Moai with Pukao where we can see petroglyphs on the backs of the statues. We continue our trip up to the volcano Rano Raraku quarry, where they were carved most of the moai on the island using the volcanic rock of the interior and exterior slopes. Can be seen near 400 moais in various stages of milling

To be finishing our adventure, we drove to the beautiful beach of Anakena, a coralline white sand beach chosen for the arrival of his sister Ariki Hotu Matua’ay Avareipua. Anakena is the name of a small cave in a ravine adjacent.

Going back to Hanga Roa, have our last stop on the Fundo Vaitea, founded with an area of ​​6560.80 hectares, representing 39.6% of the total area of ​​the island and was created to achieve agricultural production capable of supporting the needs of the entire island, which was partly achieved years ago.

Return to Hanga Roa village.


  • Continental Breakfast in your Hotel (Option B and C include buffet breakfast.)
  • Box Lunch in your tour.
  • Full day tour in Easter Island.
  • Bilingual guide.

Recommendation: Being able to see the sunset from the Ahu Tahai s is a unique experience to do on the island.


Day 3 – Easter Island – Tour to Orongo and Orongo Volcano.

08H00 pick up in the morning half a day visiting the Rano Kau Volcano which is said to be the origin of the Island, later we will visit the city and sacred ceremonial temple of Orongo, we will also be in the so-called navel of the world and in the area of Vinapu (with its interesting walls), the cave Anaka Tai Tangata famous for its ancient paintings, Without a doubt a really interesting morning.

We will return to the town at 14H00 pm and we will have the afternoon free for rest.

In the evening we suggest you have the dinner show at Te Raai restaurant, a unique sample of the Rapa Nui culture.


Te Raa´i

One of the must-see shows in Hanga Roa is to be part of a typical ancestral meal in Pasco where we will observe the preparation of one of its most elaborate dishes called Curanto “Preparation of the pit with hot stones on which different types of meat and fish are cooked”, while the food is made in view of the diners tell us myths and legends about the Origins of Polynesia.

Finally, we will enjoy dinner with an ancestral Polynesian dance and music show. 20 people approximately on stage. – Musicians and Dancers move us to the ancestors with their ancestral rites and dances, showing us a little of the culture through their dance.


  • Continental Breakfast at Your Hotel (Option B – C includes Buffet Breakfast).
  • Regular half-day tour.
  • Local Guide.
  • Optional Dinner Show: USD 180 pp.
  • Suggest Dinner show at Te Raai restaurant, a unique sample of the Rapa Nui culture.

Day 4 – Easter Island – Hanga Roa Airport

Price from USD 480 per person.

Our Tour Included:

-03 Night lodging in Easter Island.
– Half-day excursion to Ahu Akivi.
– Full-Day Excursion to Easter Island.
– Box Lunch on the second day.
– Half-day tour to Orongo temple.
– Regular tours.
– Guide.

Our tour Not Included:

– Flight from Santiago de Chile to Easter Island.
– Ticket entry to Easter Island national park.
– Extra Night.
– Meals not described.
– Insurance.
– Tips.

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