Luxury hotels in San Pedro de Atacama

Luxury hotels in San Pedro de Atacama

 Luxury hotels in San Pedro de Atacama


The Atacama Desert, recognized worldwide as the second driest place on the planet, is characterized by its high temperatures during the day, which drop at night. Located in Chile, specifically in the Antofagasta Region.

It represents an incomparable tourist attraction due to the diversity of landscapes it offers to tourists.

However, when it comes to luxury tourism, most travelers prefer paradisiacal islands and beautiful beaches; Furthermore, the Atacama Desert can also offer an unforgettable adventure.

In this place, the most luxurious hotels offer elegant architectures, incredible desert landscapes, tourist packages, and unmatched service, promoting Atacama gastronomy and the best Chilean wines.

Among the most recognized five-star hotels in the Atacama Desert are: Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa, Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama, Noi Casa Atacama, Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa, among others.

Luxury hotels in San Pedro de Atacama

Top 4: Luxury Hotels in the Atacama Desert.


Explora Atacama.

Among the best alternatives to stay in the Atacama Desert, is the Hotel Explora Atacama.

This place offers unmatched attention to its guests, making available a comfortable and warm place to rest, in addition to unforgettable landscapes that are around.

It is a lodge whose sustainable design allows us to obtain a luxurious structure, and simultaneously, contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Luxury hotels in San Pedro de Atacama

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa is one of the best luxury hotels in the Atacama Desert, as it offers its guests a cozy place, with risky architecture, using materials found in its surroundings, including Adobe, wood Lenga and tiles from Tierra Chiloé.

Additionally, at Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa they strive for attention, service, and hospitality, they have relaxation environments and offer excursions to the Atacama Desert, Patagonia, and Chiloé for visitors.

Luxury hotels in San pedro de Atacama

Awasi Atacama.

The Awasi Hotel is the ideal concept of perfection and luxury in San Pedro de Atacama, an exclusive hotel with only 8 rooms where you will have all the services privately starting with the guide, your own vehicle, and all excursions to suit you. A real experience in the Atacama desert.

luxury hotels in san pedro de atacama


Hotel Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama.

Another great choice to fully enjoy the Atacama Desert is the Hotel Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama. Its paradisiacal structure, characterized by tranquility and comfort, also offers its guests the possibility of enjoying the landscapes and the imposing geography, unique to the driest desert in the world.

This place has 60 rooms, each with an individual terrace, a spa, a swimming pool, and an excursion department with specialized guides. In short, to make luxury tourism in the Atacama Desert, the most important thing is to be willing to pay the price of comfort and convenience.