Information for your trip to Chile

Do I need a visa for Chile?

People who visit Chile from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and most of the western countries will be able to apply without problems to a renewable three-month visa, as long as your passport is not expired, you will not have any problem to enter the country.


Do I need special vaccines?

No, Chile has no problems with Malaria, Dengue, or Yellow Fever, and no special vaccines are required.


Do I need insurance to travel?

Yes, because of the nature of our trips and the remote places where we move, we ask you firmly and it is a requirement that you take out travel insurance.


Can you recommend travel insurance?

We generally recommend that you go directly to your travel agent.


Do I need to carry a system to purify water?

No, Chile has very pure and poorly contaminated waters, especially when we are in nature and in sparsely populated places. However, there are cities in Chile where it is advisable not to drink water directly from the tap, especially in the north of Chile, In El Altiplano Chileno and San Pedro de Atacama, we recommend you drink only bottled water. In The Center of Chile, you can drink tap water and in the South of Chile Obviously you must do it, it is one of the purest waters in the world.


Is it customary to leave tips in Chile?

Yes, we have a culture of tips especially in hotels, restaurants, and chauffeurs on private trips, however, it is not usual in taxis or haircuts. Now, if you receive good service and find it appropriate to leave a tip, it will always be welcome.

Many of our clients choose to leave tips to our leading guides and local guides at the end of the trip, of course, this is entirely up to you.


What happens if I travel alone?

No problem, an alternative is to sign up for an already organized trip, although our rates are based on double rooms so you will have to be willing to share with someone else part of your transfers and excursions, always if you prefer a simple room you must pay the difference.

Another alternative is to hire a completely private trip for you, but this will have an extra charge depending on the location and how extensive your trip is.


What is the maximum number of passengers per excursion?

We travel with a maximum of 8 passengers in our outdoor programs to guarantee a personalized service, however, if you plan to travel in a classic program you will generally share the excursions with other people, this number can go between 2 to 10 people depending on the geographical location and the date of your trip.


What is the difficulty of travel?

Our trips are divided into Classic and Outdoors.

The Classic Programs are designed for all types of people who like to know the traditions of our country, the tours are making mainly by vehicle and the places where we must walk are easily accessible so you can enjoy as much as possible.

The Outdoors Programs offer a greater degree of difficulty, you must understand that the Outdoors sense is already far from the cities in which we must walk and load our equipment, the difficulty of the program depends on the trip you choose, the date and your physical condition but neglect that we happy will help you choose what is best for you and your time.