Excursion at Patagonia W circuit & Fitz Roy - 12 days


PRICE: 2600 USD$

The 2 main trekking trails of the Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia, Torres del Paine, the W trail, the Chaiten circuit, the Cerro Torre, and the Fitz Roy being later Argentina’s trekking capital.


Día 1 – Punta Arenas – City Tour – Puerto Natales.

Arrival and reception at the airport and transfer to the beautiful city of Punta Arenas, one of the world’s southernmost cities in the afternoon visit the city of Punta Arenas where we will visit its main attractions which include the monument to the shepherd, the viewpoint of the Cross and cathedral hill, then we will go by bus to Puerto Natales. Reception in the bus station and private transfer to our Hotel

Welcome dinner and briefing for our guide.

 Private Transfer Airport – Punta Arenas.
 City Tour regular.
 Regular Transfer Punta Arenas – Puerto Natales.
 Bilingual Guide.

Día 2- Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine -Refugio Las Torres.

Early in the morning drive in the national park Torres del Paine as we walk our path will begin to see different species that inhabit the area as rheas, guanacos, and geese, after 2 hours we reach the park where we will register and will travel to at Refugio Norte in Las Torres area.

After checking our trek equipment we will begin our trek through Ñirres, Lengas, and Coigues up through Ascensio valley, after 2 hours we´ll get to Campamento El Chileno, el first point to rest next to Ascensio River.

The second part of our trek is between Coigues and Lengas between  Mount Paine Chico and his beautiful glacier and Ascensio River, finally, we must up the “morrena” for 45 minutes before to get to the base of the towers, here we observe the 3 giant granite towers (2,850 Torre Di Agostini -2800 Torre Central -2450 Torre Monzino), we have a time for photos and to enjoy our snack before returning to our Refuge, after 3 hours we´ll get to have with a good dinner.


 Prívate Transfer Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine.
 Park Tickets. Accommodation in Las Torres Shelter
 Breakfast in your Hotel.
 Box Lunch
 Dinner in las Torres Shelter.
 Bilingual Guide.
 Time Walks: 8-9 hours
 Distance: 23 km.
 Difficult: High.

Día 3 – Refugio Las Torres – Refugio Los Cuernos.

After a hearty breakfast with a beautiful view, This day will move from the side of Mount Almirante Nieto and Lake Nordenskjold this smooth plains surrounded by Ñirres (shrub typical of Patagonia) if we are lucky in our walk we will see some guanacos and condors, From Refugio Las Torres within half an hour of walking you reach the “shortcut” on the right path towards Refugio Los Cuernos.

During the trip, we will see Lake Nordenskjold, hanging glaciers, and local flora as “Ciruelillo” or “Notro” which from the month of December has characteristics red flowers.

After 4 to 5 hours of walking, Horns reach the area, which is considered by many ones of the friendliest hostels around the circuit.

 Refuge accommodation The Horns.
 Breakfast in Las Torres Shelter.
 Box Lunch on the way.
 Dinner in Los Cuernos (or Domos el Frances).
 Bilingual Guide.
 Time Walks 5 hours.
 Distance:     11 km.
 Difficult:       Media.

Día 4 – Refugio Los Cuernos – Pehoe Lake – Paine Grande Lodge.

Today we begin our trek with a beautiful view of the horns of Paine, will border to Lake Nordenskjold and then introduce into forest Coigues Lengas and after almost 2 hours hike we can appreciate the Italian camp, at this point is recommended to contact staff CONAF to leave their backpacks and start the climb with only a small backpack (with water, food, and shelter).

The climb starts on the French River Valley up to the Mirador del Glacier French (1.5 hrs), then continued the climb along the path until you reach the “British Camp” and then the “Mirador del Valle del Frances” which offers one of the most impressive of all National Park: Hills: Paine Grande, Cathedral Road, Mask, Sword, Shark Fin, and North Horn is possible to observe from this vantage point where we will enjoy our box lunch with a superb view of Torres del Paine National Park.

After that, we return our path and head to Camp Pehoé which stands out because it is adjacent to lake Pehoé lake Turquoise an unbeatable beauty, accommodation in Paine Grande Lodge

 Accommodation Lodge Paine Grande
 Breakfast in Los Cuernos Shelter.
 Box Lunch in the way.
 Dinner in Paine Grande Lodge.
 Bilingual Guide
 Time Walks 8 hours.
 Distance:     23 km.
 Difficult:      Media.

Día 5 – Lodge Paine Grande – Refugio Lago Grey

After enjoying all the comforts of the lodge and a delicious breakfast we start our journey to visit a place called the 2 lakes, here we can see the lake and Lake Pehoé Grey at once, after that walk towards the glacier gray while bordered the imposing Mount Paine Grande (the park’s highest 3050 m) as we move forward we can see the iceberg sailing downwind on Lake flock.

After almost 4 hours we arrive at our place of accommodation, if weather conditions are good we will get closer to the glacier Grey and we have amazing pictures of the giant glacier which belongs to the Southern Ice Field, the third world water reserves.

 Accommodation in Refugio Grey.
 Breakfast in Lodge Paine Grande.
 Box Lunch in the way.
 Dinner in Grey Shelter.
 Bilingual Guide.
 Time Walks 5 hours.
 Distance:     11 km.
 Difficult:       Media.

Día 6 – Refugio Lago Grey – Puerto Natales

After breakfast, we will have free time to appreciate the impressive Grey Glacier, after that we return our way back to Lake Pehoé take the catamaran where we crossed in the boat if time permits we can get some beautiful images of the park Torres del Paine, on arrival take our private transfer for back to the city of Puerto Natales.

Reception in our Hotel and dinner, time for relaxing.

Option B: Navigation for Grey Glacier.

We will wait for the Grey II Boat in the refuge to take the boat that will take us to visit the gigantic walls of the Gray Glacier, one of the arms of the field of Southern Ice, third world reserve of freshwater, after 2 hours we will return to the Hosteria Gray where our vehicle will be waiting for us to move back to Puerto Natales.

 Breakfast in Grey Shelter.
 Catamarán Ticket ( Option A).
 Catamaran Grey ticket (Option B).
 Prívate Transfer -Torres del Paine – Puerto Natales
 Bilingual Guide
 Free Dinner in Puerto Natales.
 Lodging in Puerto Natales.
 Time Walks: 5 hours
 Distance: 11 km
 Difficult: Media

Día 7 – Puerto Natales – El Calafate – El Chalten.

Breakfast in our Hotel, today we´ll take a regular bus from Puerto Natales to El Calafate, our first stop where we will Cerro Castillo paperwork to cross into Argentina, then continue for 4 hour trip to El Calafate.

Arriving at the city will have a relaxing time before taking the next bus to El Chalten (Travel 2 hours) arrive to this beautiful city, reception and transfer to our hotel, dinner and rest!

 Buffet breakfast in your hotel.
 Transfer Hotel-Bus Station.
 Ticket Bus Puerto Natales – El Calafate.
 Ticket Bus El Calafate – El Chalten. Transfer Bus Station – Hotel. Welcome Dinner.

Día 8 – El Chalten – Trek Cerro Torre

Very early morning breakfast, This Trek takes place in the valley of Laguna Torre that is always within the national park.

This path has several panoramic spots where you will be able to take views of Mt Solo; mountains range Adela and stun¬ning Mt Torre. As soon as you start walking soon you will see the Glaciers Grande and Torre, a few steps before reaching the lagoon within the woods you can see Padre De Agosti¬ni campsite.

From there you will continue 500meters until reaching Torre lagoon and its stunning sights of Grande gla¬cier, Torre glacier, Egger tower, and much among others De Agostini camp is one of the most visited also being a very important place of base for those climbers who want to at¬tempt the needles of this area. Return to el Chalten.

 Breakfast
 Box Lunch-Dinner
 Bilingual Guide
 Time Walks 8 hours.
 Distance:     16 km.
 Difficult:       Media.

Día 9 – Trekking Laguna de Los Tres (Viewpoint Fitz Roy) – El Calafate.

Breakfast in our Hotel Departure from El Chalten by the Fitz Roy path.Breakfast in our Hotel Departure from El Chalten by the Fitz Roy path. After 20 minutes of ascent, we will arrive at the viewpoint of Rio de Las vueltas valley.

After walking furthermore in ascent you will arrive at the first viewpoint of Fitz Roy where you will be able to view the most important sights and needles of the famous Mts in the area such as “S”, Saint Exupéry, Poincenot, Fitz Roy, Mermoz, and Guillemot.

From there we continue walking two hours more through the beautiful beech and Lengas forest until reaching Rio Blanco.

After an hour of ascent in a drop of 400mts, you will reach Laguna de Los tres.

Once reaching this point, the maximum point of the trail we will be able to see before us the majestic sight of Mt Fitz Roy, Los Tres glaciers, and its lagoons. The feeling of such greatness makes us feel so small in front of this great and stunning na¬ture.

Return to El Chalten where we´ll take the regular bus to El Calafate after 2 hours arrive in this beautiful city,

Reception and transfer to our Hotel Dinner

 Buffet breakfast in Your Hotel
 Box Lunch.
 Dinner
 Bilingual Guide
 Time Walks 8 hours.
 Distance:      20 km.
 Difficult:       Media.

Día 10 – El Calafate – Perito Moreno – Safari Náutico – Puerto Natales

Breakfast in Our Hotel, today morning we take the tour from El Calafate, bordering the south side of Lago Argentino, from the beginning of Round Bay tour where you can see a great variety of birds.

The first 40 km run along the Patagonian steppe, and then enter Glacier National Park, dominated by the woody vegetation typical of the Andean Patagonian forest, Ñirres, Lengas, Coigues, and others such as caulking, notros, and cinnamon.

Once on the glacier, we headed to the balcony, then go to the free bridges, to the agreed meeting time with the guide. The gateways offer viewpoints from different perspectives on the glacier.Safari Náutico in Perito Moreno Glacier:

This excursion takes you on a cruise across Lake Rico, passing beside icebergs that have calved off the front of the Perito Moreno glacier.

Reaching the Icebergs Channel, the boat will stop at a safe distance from the glacier, continuing to sail down all its front, allowing a spectacular view of the high wall of ice. Allowing users to enjoy this amazing natural spectacle.

Afternoon returns to Puerto Natales (Arrive at 23:00 hrs approx) Lodging and dinner.

 Breakfast in your hotel.
 Regular tour to Perito Moreno.
 Regular Transfer El Calafate – Puerto Natales.
 Private Transfer Bus Station-Hotel.
 Bilingual Guide.
 Dinner.
 Not Include: Ticket Entry Perito Moreno USD 28

Día 10 – El Calafate – Perito Moreno – Safari Náutico – Puerto Natales

at the hotel and start wonderful navigation along the fjord of Ultima Esperanza to the Glaciers Balmaceda and Serrano. On the way, we can see colonies of sea lions and cormorants until you reach the glaciers Balmaceda and Serrano, where moor at the dock of Puerto Toro, walking 1,000 meters, through a wonderful native forest and the shore of the lake to front beautiful Serrano glacier

We will have time to take multiple pictures and appreciate the beautiful place we will return the ship to line up to the Balmaceda glacier, beautiful hanging glacier located on Mount Balmaceda (2,222 mts) after these beautiful views we head to Perales where we can enjoy a delicious lunch meat Patagonico.

Finally, we start the return to Puerto Natales where we will arrive at 17:00 approx. Transfer to our Hotel and then we take a private transfer to Punta Arenas and your Hotel.

 Buffet breakfast in Your Hotel.
 Patagonian Lunch
 A day without a guide.
 Transfer In/ Out Hotel- Dock.
 Private Transfer Puerto Natales-Punta Arenas

Day  12 Punta Arenas – Airport

Breakfast at the hotel at the appointed times transfer by bus to Punta Arenas airport to return to Santiago. End of our service.

 Breakfast
 Private Transfer Hotel- Airport

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