Hanga Roa's best - Santiago and Valparaiso 10 days - 9 nights.


PRICE: 1150 USD$

Santiago and Valparaiso

These cities are the most important in Chile, we´ll visit Santiago the capital of Chile and Valparaiso, the principal port in Chile, then we´ll visit the Central Valley.

From there we will travel to Easter Island, the navel of the world. and Rapa Nui culture with many Moais, the main art expression of the Rapa Nui people.

Day 1 – Santiago – City Tour for the City.

Arrival to the City of Santiago, reception by our staff and transfer to Hotel. Check-in and time to rest.

In the afternoon we will begin our official visit to the city of Santiago we will start by visiting the center of the Providencia district and then arrive at Plaza Italia or also called Plaza Baquedano, place of celebrations and protests in Santiago we will continue our journey to the Plaza de citizenship and the Palace of La Moneda, which is the house of government of Chile.

From this point we can go through the city center to the Plaza de Armas de Santiago, where we will find a lot of painters and street artists, also highlights the Cathedral of Santiago and the Metropolitan Intendency, in this place, we will pick up our vehicle to continue our trip to the next point that is the San Cristóbal Hill, with its 710 meters of height it is projected as the highest hill of the city center, in its summit we will find the statue of the Virgin Mary, patron saint of the city.

when we return we will visit the financial sector of the city where Stakes the Titanium Tower and the Costanera Center, which is the tallest building in South America with its 198 meters high and 82 floors. Finally we will return to the Providencia sector to go to your hotel and coordinate the departure for the next day.


  • Private Transfer Airport – Hotel in Santiago.
  • Private city tour in .Santiago.
  • Bilingual Guide.
  • Ticket entry in vehicle to San Cristobal Hill.


Not Included: Funicular Ticket USD 12. (It is possible to get on a funicular and not in a vehicle).

Day 2 – Santiago –  Easter Island

Breakfast in our Hotel and transfer to the Santiago Airport where we`ll take the flight to Easter Island (6 Hours).

Reception with necklace flower, transfer to your Hoel. Free day for rest or visit easter island.


  • Private transfer Airport- Hotel (only driver).
  • Regular Transfer from Easter Island Airport- Hotel.
  • Day without guide.

Suggestion Flight: 

LAN 841 Departure: 10h30 Am/ Arrive:14h05 Pm.

Day 3 – Easter Island- Rano Kau Volcano

Breakfast at your hotel. This morning we´ll take a half a day excursion visiting the Rano Kau Volcano which is said to be the origin of the Island, later we will visit the city and sacred ceremonial temple of Orongo, we will also be in the so-called navel of the world and in the area of Vinapu (with its interesting walls), the cave Anaka Tai Tangata famous for its ancient paintings, Without a doubt a really interesting morning.

We will return to the town at 2:00 pm and we will have the afternoon free for rest. In the evening we suggest you take the dinner show at Te Raai restaurant, a unique sample of the Rapa Nui culture.).

Te Ra’ai Show.

One of the must-see shows in Hanga Roa is to be part of a typical ancestral meal in Pasco where we will observe the preparation of one of its most elaborate dishes called Curanto “Preparation of the pit with hot stones on which different types of meat and fish are cooked”, while the food is made in view of the diners tell us myths and legends about the Origins of Polynesia.


  • Continental breakfast in your Hotel (Option B – C include Buffet Breakfast).
  • Half tour Regular.
  • Bilingual guide for the tour.
  • Free afternoon.
  • Suggests: Enjoy a perfect dinner in Te Ra´ai Show. USD 180 PP.

Day 4 – Full Day Easter Island.

Leaving from the town of Hanga Roa around 9:30 pm. we head towards the south-east coast and north-east of the Island to visit the temple Vaihu Ahu, which is located 10 km from Hanga Roa and consists of a well-worked stone platform where we find Moais 8 and 8 pukao scattered nearby. Ahu Akahanga then passes by, also called “king platform.”

Legend has it that the tomb of Hotu Matua’a would be near that place. Here you will find 4 platforms, 12 Moai, 8 Pukao and into the Ahu you can see one of the best-preserved villages of the island.
Then continue the journey to Ahu Tongariki, which with its 15 moai Ahu is the largest island.

Following the path, we find Ahu Te Pito Kura, which has the tallest statue of the island in an Ahu erect the moai Paro (10 mts. In height and 85 tons with a Pukao of 11.5 tons) and with this temple is a large ceremonial stone ball that is identified as the navel of the world (Te Pito o Te Henua), which according to legend, was brought to the island by Hotu Matua’a on your boat.

Continuing our journey we arrived at Ahu Nau Nau, building temple complex due to their different levels where you will find 5 Moai with Pukao where we can see petroglyphs on the backs of the statues. We continue our trip up to the volcano Rano Raraku quarry, where they were carved most of the moai on the island using the volcanic rock of the interior and exterior slopes.

Can be seen near 400 moais in various stages of milling

To be finishing our adventure, we drove to the beautiful beach of Anakena, a coralline white sand beach chosen for the arrival of his sister Ariki Hotu Matua’ay Avareipua.

Anakena is the name of a small cave in a ravine adjacent.

Going back to Hanga Roa, have our last stop on the Fundo Vaitea, founded with an area of ​​6560.80 hectares, representing 39.6% of the total area of ​​the island and was created to achieve agricultural production capable of supporting the needs of the entire island, which was partly achieved years ago. Return to Hanga Roa village.


  • Continental breakfast in your Hotel. (Option B – C include buffet breakfast in your Hotel).
  • Box Lunch on the tour.
  • Full-day Tour.
  • Bilingual guide.
  • Free Dinner.

Day 5 – Easter Island- Tour Ahu Akivi

Breakfast at our Hotel free morning, In the afternoon we start the tour around 15:00 hrs. from the town of Hanga Roa visiting Ahu Vinapu that was used by the islanders in the year 1200 d.c. which includes 3 Ahu.

The first has 6 moai that are knocked down and painted red, the second has a supposedly female moai that had two heads and the third, the oldest, only stones are removed.

We continue our way to the Puna Pau quarry, an archaeological site east of Hanga Roa in a small red scoria crater, where the Pukao or headdresses with which they crowned the Maoi were obtained.

Throughout its old exit trail, there are still some unfinished and abandoned. We continue our journey towards Ahu Akivi, which was the first Ahu scientifically restored on the island in 1960. The platform with 7 moai is characterized by being one of the few located in the center of the island and its statues face the rising sun .

According to it is said, these 7 moai would represent the 7 young explorers sent before the arrival of Hotu Matua’a to recognize the island. Our adventure takes us to the cavern of Te Pahu, a place that was used as a dwelling and in times of conflict as a temporary refuge. With this, we begin the return to Hanga Roa.


  • Continental breakfast in your Hotel. (Option B – C include buffet breakfast in your Hotel).
  • Half-day Tour.
  • Bilingual guide.
  • Free Dinner.

Suggestion: Visit the Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum.

The Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum, MAPSE, collects, preserves and investigates the heritage of Easter Island and its original people. For this purpose, the MAPSE protects a specialized archaeological and bibliographic collection.

Considering its remote location, the Museum has a unique challenge in the projection of the insular heritage. In this sense, the MAPSE also promotes, permanently, the different scientific and cultural expressions of -and from- Rapa Nui.

Day 6 – Easter Island – City Tour.

Half-day excursion where we will visit the Artisan Market, where there are various representations of the Rapa Nui culture as objects carved in wood and shells. Then we will visit the Archaeological Museum, the Catholic Church, the Market, and the Civic Center, in which we find cave paintings inside.



  • Continental breakfast in your Hotel.
  • Free meals.
  • Half-Day tour.
  • Bilingual guide.
  • Free Dinner.

Día 7 – Easter Island – Optional excursions.

Breakfast at the hotel. Free day for optional excursions on behalf of the passenger (Trekking- Diving- Flora and Fauna Observation).


  • Continental breakfast in your Hotel. (option B – C include Buffet breakfast).

Day 8 – Easter Island- Flight to Santiago – Valparaíso.

Breakfast at the hotel. This morning we will make the transfer to Mataveri airport to take our flight back to Santiago, arrival in Santiago where we will be greeted by our driver who will take us directly to the city of Valparaíso, arrival at 22h30 hrs near our hotel.

Day 9 – Valparaíso – Viña del Mar tour.

Breakfast a tour hotel at 08:30 We begin our tour from your hotel in Santiago, a trip of 120 kilometers to the Pacific Ocean. Here we´ll appreciate the diversity of the landscape of the Valley of Curacaví to follow the Valley of Casablanca known for high production of white wine like Sauvignon Blanc, among others.

Arriving at Valparaíso (legislative capital and main port of our country), declared by UNESCO as Cultural Patrimony of Humanity.

This surprised us as their houses nestled in the hills make it a very picturesque city.

Visit the main attractions of the city: Plaza de la Victoria, Plaza Sotomayor, the Navy Glories Memorial Walk 21 May (we will raise this viewpoint to appreciate this beautiful harbor, one of the most important in our country) also We will hike through the hills as the emblematic Cerro Alegre getting on the various lifts to the environment.

Also, have time to visit the house of Pablo Neruda “La Sebastiana”.

Follow the trip until Viña Del Mar, known as the Garden City. Here we can see the flower clock, Casino Games and Reñaca, a place where we will stop for lunch and then take a brief walk along the beach.

Returning to Santiago, on the coastal roadshow and visit Quinta Vergara, place known for its International Music Festival, to return to our hotel in Cerro Alegre, we will have a memorable sunset with a majestic view of the Pacific Ocean.


  • Buffet breakfast in your Hotel.
  • Private tour Valparaiso – Viña del Mar.
  • Bilingual Guide.
    Not Included: ticket entry USD 9.


Our guide will give you excellent options for lunch in Viña del Mar.
It is only possible to visit the La Sebastiana Museum in Private Service, For more information click here.

Día 10 – Valparaíso – Santiago Airport.

Buffet Breakfast at the hotel. At the agreed time we will travel back through the beautiful Casablanca Valley in the direction of Santiago International Airport.

End of our service


  • Buffet Breakfast in your Hotel.
  • Private transferHotel-Airport in Santiago.
  • A day without a guide.

Price from USD 1.200 Per person.

Our program Included:

– Private transfer from Santiago´s Airport – Hotel.
– Private city tour in Santiago.
– 03 Night lodging in Santiago.
– 04 Night lodging in Easter Island.
– 03 Regular Half Day on Easter Island.
– 01 Full Day Tour on Easter Island.
– Guide.
– Box Lunch on Easter Island.
– Private transfer from Santiago´s Airport – Valparaiso.
– Full day Valparaiso  & Viña del Mar.
– Guide.


Not Include

  • Air Ticket
  • Extra Night in your trip
  • Meals Not described in the program.
  • Ticket National Park in Chile and Easter Island.
  • Personal Insurance.

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