Astronomical tour in the Atacama Desert

Astronomical tour in the Atacama Desert.


Astronomical tourism or Astro tourism is an activity aimed at astronomers, astronomy enthusiasts, and tourists interested in enjoying magnificent experiences in the open air.

This activity has evolved over the years; Consequently, Chile has become the world capital of astronomy, as it has the largest number of astronomical-scientific observatories in the world, with 40% observation capacity.

Astronomical tour in the Atacama Desert

Astronomy in Chile.


Our country has been implementing laws that guarantee the protection of airspace, which has served to promote Astro tourism and earn income for it, with the sky clear for more than 300 nights a year.

Among the most iconic places for astronomical tourism in Chile, in the Atacama Desert, a place that offers the possibility of studying the skies in different locations.

In this sense, it is possible to affirm that among the best places for astronomical tourism in the Atacama Desert are:

San Pedro de Atacama,
Inca de Oro.
Valle del Huasco.
Valle del Limarí .
the Elqui Valley
, the latter two being the most prominent.

The Atacama Desert.


has one of the best skies in South America, this makes it a privileged place to enjoy the stars, learn about the functioning of the cosmos, and acquire knowledge about the universe.

One of the best parts is that it has a series of astronomical observatories open to tourists interested in astronomy, it also has different excursions, according to the individual needs of visitors.

It should be noted that to visit any available scientific observatories for an astronomical tour of the Atacama Desert, it is important to make a prior reservation since they have limited spaces and demand is high.

Astronomical tour in the Atacama Desert

The Observatories for the Astronomical Tour in the Atacama Desert.


Among the most outstanding observatories, depending on the area, are Cerro Paranal, The ALMA project, Paniri Caur, Las Campanas, Tagua Tagua, Cerro Chamán, among others.

Additionally, one of the most interesting places to do Astronomical Tourism through the Atacama Desert is El Valle de la Luna, located on the west side, a few kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama, specifically in the Antofagasta Region.

Next, there are also astronomical tours in the Andean Region, which consist of observing the airspace with the naked eye, to familiarize yourself with the relationship between the stars, contemplate the vastness, and learn about the Atacameño cultural heritage.

How much does an Astronomical Tour of the Atacama Desert cost?


As of today, the approximate cost to make an astronomical excursion in the Atacama Desert is USD 3, there are 2 departures from the center of San Pedro de Atacama each 45 minutes apart and the tour lasts approximately 3 hours.

On the other hand, it is important to wear a coat; Besides, the astronomical tour is subject to some conditions, including the weather and the presence of a full moon.
The impossibility of visiting astronomical observatories during full moon days lies in the intensity of the light emitted by the lunar surface, which makes astronomical observation difficult.

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