About Chile

Chile, a long and narrow strip located between the imposing mountain range of the Andes and the immense Pacific Ocean invite you to know it, to share with the friendliness of the Chilean people, to enjoy its rich gastronomy and mainly to travel the most different landscapes that are You can find here, from the Atacama desert, the most arid in the world, passing through the central valleys where you can enjoy the best wines worldwide and then tour the South of Chile, full of Volcanoes and lakes that most resemble mirrors for color of its waters. Visit Patagonia and Ice Field, the third largest freshwater reserve in the world and the gigantic Torres del Paine. To end the trip visiting the mystical Easter Island, also called the Navel of the world with its gigantic and beautiful Moais that invite a total disconnection.

Chile, country of contrasts and beautiful places that we invite you to visit, enjoy and respect.