A new edition of the Patagonia DUE was held in Puerto Natales.

A new edition of the Patagonia DUE was held in Puerto Natales.

A new edition of the Patagonia DUE was held in Puerto Natales.


Under extreme conditions, the Patagonia DUE was developed in Puerto Natales.


The new edition of DUE Patagonia in Puerto Natales also known as the Ultima Esperanza Challenge (DUE 2019) culminated this Sunday, leaving the male podium led by the Argentine Facundo Pérez Costa, while the Chilean Macarena Acuña led the women’s competition.


The Due has become – according to its organizers – the biggest mountain bike party in the southern cone of the American continent. There were more than 550 competitors who gave everything to complete the nearly 160 kilometers along the roads and trails of the main tourist points of the Province of Last Hope especially through the city of Puerto Natales.

The stages.


Torres del Paine – Puerto Natales.

which was played on Saturday, October 12, had a tour from Weber Bridge in Torres del Paine National Park to Puerto Natales, with an intractable climate with snow, wind, and cold in much of the route.

Which for organizers and Mountainbike attendees have been the toughest edition of the years that the traditional competition takes place.

Puerto Natales- Sofia Laggon – Puerto Natales.

Already at the beginning of what would be the second stage which was developed in a 65-kilometer course around the Eberhard Fjord, Sofía Lagoon and Benitez Hill, a landscape worthy of international competition,

all with a wonderful climate, worthy of the Patagonia changes. Due Patagonia in Puerto Natales captivates attendees.

The winners of the Patagonia DUE.


As for the winners, the men’s podium was dominated by Argentines Facundo Pérez Costa, Alvaro Macias and Juan Pablo Romero, as for Damas, the nationals made their faces with Macarena Acuña, Verónica Pérez and Valeska Oyarzo. 

The summary of category winners is as follows: 

Open Men: Facundo Pérez Costa 

Ladies Master A: Macarena Acuña 

Gravel Promotional: Carlos Fuenzalida